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What is Yahoo! Real-Time Search App?Yahoo! Real-time search Yahoo official app (free) that allows you to search for Twit

What is Yahoo! Real-Time Search App?
Yahoo! Real-time search Yahoo official app (free) that allows you to search for Twitter tweets collectively for free.
In addition to searching, we will provide you with a compact summary of topical information such as content, funny images, and funny videos that are trending on Twitter.

◇◇ Main functions ◇◇
(1) Ranking
You can search for information on entertainment, current affairs, games, IT, etc. that are hot topics on Twitter by ranking. Since the information is updated in real time, you can check the latest trends at any time, and it is also useful for killing time such as waiting time.
(2) Popular tweets
You can see popular funny images and funny videos on Twitter. Perfect for finding topics for conversation with friends or at work.
(3) TV
You can see how everyone is reacting on Twitter for each TV program, such as topical dramas, baseball sports commentary, anime, music programs, variety programs, and news programs.
(4) Train delays
You can know the delay information of the train in real time. If you register the route you always use, it is a convenient function that will notify you of the delay information as soon as a delay occurs.
(5) Watch
By watching your favorite idols, bands, actors/actresses, games, anime, and other themes, you can quickly find out about hot topics, event information, interesting videos, entertainment, game information, etc.
There are lots of topics that are hot on SNS, such as “What is the content of the live MC!”
(6) Twitter search
Celebrities often use it for ego search. In addition, you can search for information that can only be found here, such as the topic of entertainment that interests you, the name of your favorite idol, ticket exchange for concerts, game information, and event congestion information.
(7) Prompt notification of disasters, weather, delays, and earthquakes
If you register words that you are interested in, such as the latest weather such as earthquakes, heavy rains, and typhoons, train delay information, traffic congestion, and congestion, you will be notified in real time when the number of tweets increases.

◇◇Convenient to know such information◇◇
・Don’t miss scoops and funny videos!
・ Catch all the latest topics of your favorite entertainers!
・If an earthquake occurs, it will arrive as soon as possible and check the situation at the site!
・Because it is linked with Yahoo TV, check each TV program! 
・Even if you can’t watch TV, you can watch baseball, soccer, relay races, and more!
・Easily post to Twitter, Facebook, and LINE. If you find an interesting story, share it with your friends immediately!

Download APK(7.9.1)

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